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Insect Lore Butterfly Net

  • Insect Lore's Butterfly Net is the perfect companion for all outdoor adventures.

  • The Butterfly net features a durable frame and an easy attach/detach handle for easy storage.

  • The deep, secure netting ensures that you can catch any bug.

  • Children will discover and explore the living world around them with Insect Lore's Butterfly Net.


Take this colorful, sturdy butterfly net along on your next bug-hunting adventure!

Special Features:

  • 11.5 inch deep mesh net
  • Handy telescoping handle for extra reach
  • Durable and comfortable for little hands
  • Attachable, detachable handle for easy storage
  • Great value!
  • The perfect gift for a nature lover
  • Ages 4+



For over 50 years, Insect Lore has been providing hands-on STEM learning and Real-World understanding. It is the creator of the best-selling Butterfly and Ladybug Land raising kits, as well as home school educational accessories and toys that help children gain a deeper understanding of an insect’s life cycle. All of our caterpillars and ladybugs are raised and carefully shipped from our headquarters in California. Insect lore gives learners of all ages a glimpse into the fascinating world of insect life cycles and ignites a love of scientific discovery. These immersive projects are the perfect alternative to digital screens, encouraging students to focus on nature and real-world science.


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