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Boyd Cycling Altamont Disc Alloy Wheelset 24/28 Spoke Count Shimano or XDR freehub

$543.75 $725

The wheelset known to ride everywhere through everything! Snappy and responsive, perfect for fast rides on the road, gravel, and cyclocross.

With the wide 21mm internal width, the Altamont is perfectly suited to road rides with 25mm+ tires and even gravel rides with up to 44mm tires.

A unique tubeless locking bead shelf helps prevent burping at even the lowest tire pressures, yet can withstand the high pressures of road tires.

Aero Pillar Wing 20 spokes compliment the ride as a wheelset that is aero, yet forgiving when riding on choppy chip seal or gravel roads.

A 2.8mm spoke offset makes for a better balanced wheel with more event spoke tension between right and left sides. The result is a wheelset perfect for training, racing or general performance riding.

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