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Moroccan Glazed Bowls with Berber Silver Trim- Set of 3


Well known for sardines, seafood and ceramics, the fishing village of Safi on the Atlantic coast in Morocco is the center for these beauties.  These beautiful bowls come in set of 3 (blue, teal and red) to give you the perfect number of tapas bowls!  Looking to choose your own colors ? 

Historic Art

Hand thrown red clay is dried in the sun, fired in 200 year old kilns, and glazed with rich saturated colors. Finally they are decorated with beaten Berber silver trim. This art has been handed down over the generations, preserving the heritage of each family's skill.

Bowl me over.

Each hand-made piece is slightly different giving you the true sense of being made just for you. Suitable for serving sweets, snacks and desserts as used in Riads and homes in Morocco.


Hand-wash only as you want to protect the metal. It is normal to see fine feathering cracks in the glaze.


5 x 5 x 3 each

*Please note that due to the hand made qualities of this item, variations may occur. 

 *Lead Free

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