Plates Per Diem

Tea Time Serving Platter Teapot and Teacup Pattern Platter


14" serving platter featuring vintage drawings of Teapots and Teacups.

Tired of chipping all your nice china? These dishes are strong, lightweight, and glossy! They have a nice heft and do not feel thin and plasticky. Just because your family drops everything, doesn't mean you can't have nice things.

Made from ThermoSaf® Polymer, an innovative and sturdy material that is dishwasher, microwave and food safe. Far superior to Melamine, ThermoSaf® is 100% formaldehyde and BPA free, and FDA-compliant for daily food contact. Oven safe up to 275° Fahrenheit. Handmade entirely in the USA. 

Platter measures 10” by 14". 

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