7 A.M. Enfant Lamb Pod

The LambPOD is the ideal cold-weather counterpart to our BeePOD. It’s cozy, insulated, heavyweight, and zips on and off, with openings that work with the standard 5-point safety harness on any stroller or car seat. Use it on its own, or attach it to a BeePOD base. Even on the most frigid, freezing days, your little one will be protected, warm, and comfortable on strolls. The soft, silky faux lambswool cover even detaches to double as a standalone blanket. And yep, it’s totally vegan—no animal products here!

The LambPOD boasts an anti-slip, removable back panel-—eliminating extra fabric between baby’s back and the safety harness-—a convertible hood with an oversized collar, plus a hood pouch that slips over the top of the stroller to attach to the foot muff—effectively blocking out any cold air. The outer shell is water repellent, and the poly insulation and microfleece lining are extra soft. Not to mention it looks extra chic in our new Heather Grey color. Bonus: the entire thing is machine washable and dryable.


Detachable front panel can be used separately as a blanket
Removable center back panel reduces material between baby’s back and the five-point harness Convertible hood with oversized, adjustable collar
Universally adapts to all strollers and car seats
Interchangeable with the lightweight BeePOD cover
Side strap attachments
1 pocket
Water-resistant outer shell Soft micro-fleece lining
Machine washable
Temperature Rating: 5°F/-15°C
Measurements: S/M: H: 34”, W: 19”

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