3 in 1 Multi Layer Outdoor BBQ Grill Roaster

$186.99 $249.99

3 in 1  Outdoor Portable Charcoal BBQ Grill. 

3 Layers Design with 3 different plates for grilling, roasting and smoking. 

This 3 in 1 BBQ Grill Roaster is equipped with 2 doors, which is convenient for checking the food condition and adding charcoal at anytime. The 2 side doors design is also for ventilation- Adjustable air vent on the lid.

This BBQ Grill Roaster has three layers.  The bottom layer can be used as a fire pit and the adjustable barrel grill is perfect for steaming, grilling, baking or even  roasting.

To provide an enhance performance, the BBQ grill roaster is designed with a built-in thermometer.  Along with the adjustable air outlet on the top, it enables you with a better air flow control to maintain a steady temperature.

 Material: Steel
Dimension: 19.09" x 31.5" (W x H)
Cooking Height: 22" 
Cooking Space: 354 square inches in total (all layers combined)
Grate Diameter: 15" each


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