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Elan 2023 Wingman 78 C PS EL 10.0 System Ski


2023 Wingman 78 C PS EL 10.0 System Ski

Like a jet on autopilot, the Wingman 78 C delivers a smooth, fun ride without added weight and work.

The Wingman 78 C uses our Power shell construction, Power Woodcore and is equipped with a single layer of carbon to reduce weight and add versatility for all-mountain performance. The Amphibio Truline technology fuels the perfect balance of power and ease, making the Wingman 78 C the gateway to perfect turns and always good times.


Product Details

  • Binding: EL 10.0 GW SHIFT BLK/ORG
  • Length Radius: 168 (14.6)
  • System: Power Shift
  • Profile: Amphibio
  • Technology: Carbon, Power Woodcore, Amphibio TruLine Technology, SST Sidewall, PowerShell

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