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2023 Armada Edollo Flat Ski

$649.95 $775

2023 Armada Edollo Flat Ski

DO you spend a little time in the park? OK, do you LIVE in the park? This is the ski for you! You may not be Henrik Harlaut, but the Edollo could help you get there. Heck, maybe someday you'll have a pro model skis are legendary in it's own right. Just as Henrick has pushed the envelope of what's possible on skis over the years, his pro model has pushed the envelope of what defines a modern park ski. The Armada Edollo Skis have a silky smooth medium flex, a bit more tip rocker than you'd expect out of a sub-100 waisted ski, and are built to crush everything in the park. They're stable, nimble, and can boost to the moon. Wu-tang is for the children, but the Edollo skis are for you.

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