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Hotronic XLP 1P BT Power Set (pr)

The HOTRONIC XLP 1P BT Power Set combines a pair of XLP 1P BT Battery Packs with the Global Recharger XLP P.  Between a new, compact
design that uses Lithium-Ion battery cells to deliver high-performance warmth when needed most and a safe, smart Recharger, this set is ready
to be paired with a pair of HOTRONIC Heat Socks and the HOTRONIC Heat App for Constant Heating Power when needed most - in the cold!
• A new Bluetooth app controls the Battery Pack from any iOS or Android smartphone
• The safe, intelligent Global Recharger makes it easy to stay warm wherever one travels.
• Reduced size and weight with increased capacity and longevity
• 2200 mAh capacity offers up to10 hours of constant heating power
• Safe, stable, and reliable; just what one would expect from HOTRONIC
The XLP P series from HOTRONIC is setting new standard s in foot heating systems.  The special lithium-ion technology, combined with state-of-the-art
electronics, makes the batteries very compact and light. The batteries are barely noticeable and can be controlled either directly or with Bluetooth via
the HOTRONIC Heat app.  The constant heat level control ensures a regular temperature throughout use.
• The five heat settings with additional Power Boost level can be conveniently controlled on a smartphone using the Heat app via Bluetooth
• Stand-by mode
• Battery storage mode for summer storage
• The app provides an overview of the current battery charge level and the heat settings.
• The HOTRONIC Heat app is available for free in the AppStore and Google Play Store.
BATTERY PACKS: HOTRONIC‘s new Battery Pack XLP P is the next level of lithium-ion Constant Heating Power.  With the best size-to-capacity
(and longevity) ratio on the market, XLP P Battery Packs deliver the heat and duration needed as temperatures drop when used with any selection
from HOTRONIC‘s expanded line of Heat Socks!  As always, HOTRONIC remains focused on reliability, durability, and longevity, all with ONE purpose
in mind.  Keeping feet warmer.  Longer.
RECHARGING: Designed for use worldwide, simply connect any Battery Pack XLP P to the Global Recharger XLP P and the current charge level is
indicated on the Battery Pack within seconds.  As safe, stable recharging continues, the Battery Pack LED lights indicate when the charge level
reaches 25%, 50%, 75%, and a full charge at 100%.

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