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Swix 2022 Sidewall Cutter w/sq & rnd blades - Racing

TA103 Racing Sidewall Cutter with 2 blades
High quality side wall planer for racing that uses roller bearings to travel smoothly along the edge of the ski or snowboard.
Use for gradually removing plastic side-edges on skis and snowboards to expose more of the steel edge.  Makes filing easier.
Includes two titanium blades, a round one and a square one, to better match individual sidewall profiles.  The blades are adjustable
on the horizontal plane, but cut at a fixed depth.  When switching from round to square the tool is simply rotated 180°, no need to
remove blades...simple!
  • Includes both round and square titanium blades
  • Tool-free adjustment
  • Ergonomically shaped, easy to work with 
  • Replacement blades are available
  • Includes allen key for blade replacement

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