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Swix 2022 Roto Brush - blue nylon, 100mm

T17W Roto Brush - blue nylon, 100mm
Save precious time by using roto brushes when waxing your alpine skis and snowboards.  Use this as your first brush after
hot waxing and scraping to remove excess softer waxes (warmer snow conditions) from medium to coarse base structures.
Can also be used as a finish brush for hydrocarbon-based waxes, paraffin wax and top coats.
Use back and forth with light pressure at 2500rpm, followed by two tip-to-tail finishing strokes.  
We recommend wearing protective eyewear whenever roto brushing.
  • Red Body/Blue Bristles
  • Roto Brush: 3 x 3 x 4 inches / 100 mm brush length
  • Fits 100 mm roto brush shaft lengths

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