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Sidas Technologies NA 2022 Powersocks Heat Fusion - Unisex

Fitted heated toe socks ensure that heat is distributed evenly all around the toes for maximum comfort.
These ski socks, anatomically knitted with high-tech materials, provide an ideal fit.  The inclusion of fine,
imperceptible heating elements all around the toes offers optimal heating comfort.
The ski socks are thin to provide more sensations to the most demanding skiers.
Made of merino wool, they are also pleasantly soft to the touch.
● Heat distribution: Pleasant heat around the toes provide maximum comfort for up to 16 hours.
● Merino IC: A unique blend of merino wool and Warm Reflector for optimal heat retention
● Technical fitted socks: anatomically knitted with high quality materials for a perfect fit.
● An anatomical design for an optimal fit
● Easy battery attachment to the sock
● Optimized integration of heating elements guarantees a long life
● Cushioned underfoot support: maximum comfort, great heat distribution, and toe and heel protection
● Micro-aerated foot arch for good moisture release
Polyamide 41%, Merino Wool 20%, Polypropylene 13%, Acrylic 13%, Microfiber Polyamide 11%, Lycra 2%

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