Ski Haus

2021 Orage Youth Base Pant


Keep the youngin's hyped for riding by suiting them up in legit outerwear. Watch their aspirations flourish in the Orage Base Pants. Fewer trips to warm up in the lodge, the boldness to send it into the untouched, and the ego boost of having some flashy pants are all byproducts of wearing the Base's. Not to mention the Prime10™ membrane brings ample waterproofness and breathability for non-stop performance. When the little one's start hitting their growth spurt, you can still hang on to the Base pants, with Adjustable Length Cuffs for an extra 2 inches.

  •  Strategically seam sealed
  •  Adjustable waist band
  •  Snow gaiters with elastic grip
  •  Lower leg reinforcement
  •  Grow feature + 2”
  •  Back snap System

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