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2021 Sidas Technologies NA Women's Heated Vest w/Bluetooth Cable


Women's heated gilet with Bluetooth cable, ideal for full enjoyment of your outdoor activities. The 5 heating areas distributed throughout the jacket provide gentle, uniform warmth. Very thin and lightweight, it can be easily worn under another garment. Works with all external chargers (not included).

  • 5 ultra-thin heating elements, allowing for good heat distribution around the stomach, pockets, kidneys, and back. 
  • Compact and lightweight, you can easily fold up your jacket and save space in your bag.
  • Jacket made without materials of animal origin.
  • Bluetooth function for control the heating level with your smartphone.
  • Works with all external chargers (not included)
  • Estimated heating time according to the power bank’s capacity:
    3000 mAh = 3h
    5200 mAh (Therm-ic Universal Powerbank) = 5h
    10 000 mAh = 10h



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