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2021 Sidas Technologies NA Sidas Sock Heat Low Volume


The Ski Heat (LV) is a powered heat socks, providing optimal comfort and warmth during your sporting activities, with a very good fit. Developed around 300,000 feet and 15,000 ski boots, the new range of Sidas socks offer a perfect Feet/Boot combo.

Based on your preference/bootfitter recommendation, choose Low (LV) or Medium (MV) Volume for optimal fit in your ski boots.

This heated sock is designed for skiers who suffer with cold feet. An invisible heating element on the outside of the sock gives off a soft and constant heat under the front of the foot for optimal comfort. Natural wool combined with technical fibers ensure temperature regulation and effective sweat wicking. This compressive sock also gives you greater sensation and precision when you practice your sport.

- HEATING ELEMENTS: Distributes gentle, constant and uniform warmth

- KNEE LENGTH: Adapted to ski boots

- HYBRID COMPOSITION: Regulates temperature & wicks away perspiration effectively

- FIRM FIT 15-20 mmHg: Greater precision & sensation

- THICKNESS LV: This is a low volume sock to adapt to your foot & boot fit


SYNERGY FIT CONCEPT: Designed for an optimal fit in synergy with your shoe, insole & feet

- No padding under the sock and inside the shoe

- No-yarn towards the skin

- Anatomic shape right & left


Composition (LV):

- Natural fibers: 25% Merino

- Synthetic fibers: 57% Polyamide, 16% Polypropylene, 2% Elastane

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