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2021 Turtle Fur Group Leki Bold S Ski Pole

The BOLD S is a solid pole choice for those looking to get into LEKI's Trigger system without breaking the bank.
A sturdy 18mm aluminum shaft is paired with the time tested Trigger S Slalom grip allowing for a close responsive
connection to the pole.  This ski pole is all business!
  • TRIGGER S SL: Slalom Grip with non-slip finger grooves and an additional support area for optimum grip and maximum comfort. Trigger S release technology for more confidence and security.
  • TRIGGER S VARIO STRAP: Individually adjustable Trigger S Straps for a close grip with any glove or mitt for all day comfort and control.
  • ALUMINUM: Super sturdy, extremely robust and very durable.
  • COBRA BASKET: Ideal to hit the slopes. Tool-less basket replacement.
  • STEEL TIP: Steel tip for precise pole planting and optimal grip in nearly any terrain.

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