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2021 Seirus Innovation Heat Touch Battery Set 3000 Amp


2021 Heat Touch Battery Set 3000 Amp


Looking for extra battery life? Get a set of 3000Ultra batteries and give yourself up to 12+ hours of ultimate warmth! They were designed with the HeatTouch HELLFIRE Gloves/Mitts.

3000Ultra: Lightweight Battery-3 Settings:

Green - Low 12+ hours
Yellow - Medium 8+ hours
Red - High 4+ hours

V2 chargers are included with every HELLFIRE glove/mitt purchase.
3000Ultra batteries are not compatible with non V2 HeatTouch chargers. You will need one of the new V2 chargers in order to charge 3000Ultra batteries correctly.

3000Ultra batteries are compatible with all of our HeatTouch gloves. They are slightly larger than the 1500 batteries and may fit snuggly or not fit in smaller sizes of non HELLFIRE Glove/Mitt sizes such as Women's Small. For fit info on your non HELLFIRE model, please see Chart below.


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