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2020 Swix Sport USA, Inc. Techlite Ms

$39.99 $40

Techlite Ms

The Swix Techlite ski poles could be viewed as a basic ski pole, but the reality is that they are so much more. Poles are often overlooked and underappreciated as a piece of ski equipment, but that should really change. From the grips to the tips, ski poles are probably the most misunderstood tool. When you see a good skier, you shouldn't notice their hands and poles, because they should remain relatively quiet. When you see a beginner, or someone skiing faster than their ability level, you immediately notice that their hands are all over the place. By learning proper pole planting techniques, you can advance quickly and overcome some serious technical hurdles. Enter the Swix Techline ski poles. By utilizing a light-weight aluminum shaft, ergonomically designed grips, and durable baskets and tips, any skier of any ability can improve dramatically. If your poles are too heavy, your hands will get pulled behind you easier. When your hands go back, your weight goes back, and you lose control. When you are able to keep your hands free and clear in front of your body, a more assertive body position emerges. This allows you to attack the fall line more directly and efficiently. The baskets and grips are not cheaply made, and will last a lot longer than most of your other ski equipment. For a low-cost pole, these certainly have all the ingredients of a high-end product. The Swix Techline ski poles are a fantastic choice for skiers of all budgets and abilities.

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