At CITYHOME, we see a world where it's easy to shop and support small businesses. We exist to help you find the products that you are looking for in your city.

Launched on Martha's Vineyard in May 2020, our founder Rachel Romanowsky recognized how difficult it was for potential shoppers to find the products that they were looking for from local businesses. The desire and interest to shop and support small and local boutiques, designers and brands was there, but a way of finding them was not. As a result, shoppers found it easier to access products that they were looking for online, which typically meant buying from big box retailers and the process of discovering anything other than essentials difficult. 

We know that shoppers want to support small businesses and experience all of the benefits that come with it. The journey of discovery, inspiration and an appreciation for their product curation. The feeling of finding a store that gets you and where a familiar face smiles when you return again and again.

That's why our team at CITYHOME is building a new kind of online platform, driven by the desire to support you and your local community. When you shop and support small businesses, something powerful happens. You support local communities.

There’s a ripple effect. Small businesses hire in their neighborhoods and hometowns, which means job creation in local communities. Small businesses focus on solving problems and supporting charities that largely impact local communities. And when small businesses succeed, it creates economic opportunities for generations to come. 

We exist to help you support local communities by shopping small.


  • May 2019 - Boston Celtics honor our founder Rachel Romanowsky as a Hero Among Us 

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