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Nordica 2023 Unleashed 98 W Women's Flat Ski

$489.99 $699.99

2023 Unleashed 98 W Women's Flat Ski

Be bold, be bold and be yourself with the Unleashed 98 W from Nordica. Specified for the trending female freeskier/freerider, this construction is impressively playful and versatile. And since the ski is right at home in the powder, in the terrain between the trees, it is the perfect everyday companion for all adventurous female skiers. The sophisticated construction gives you good confidence and improved edge grip thanks to its balanced combination of wood core, carbon and a metal layer. It gives you a smooth ride as it effectively dampens all vibrations. The rocker profile masters every terrain and all conditions with an exceptional response and lots of pop with the traditional camber profile. Early rise tip and tail ensure effective lift in powder - they love the snow-covered mountains. Have a blast and never look back with the Nordica Unleashed 98 W.

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