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Volkl 2023 Secret 92 Women's Flat Ski

$524.99 $749.99

The Volkl Secret 96 Womens Skis are the men's version of the Volkl Mantra M6, just with a different graphic and smaller sizes being offered. Other than that, you're getting the same burly ski, but with some nice updates that'll make the ski more accessible and a bit less work than before. Built with Volkl's Multi-Layer wood core, the skis are strong and stable. On top of that wood core, you'll find Volkl's Tailored Titanal Frame, which varies the width and length of the metal depending on the size of the ski. This puts more metal in the longer sizes, making it better suited for larger or more aggressive skiers. Additionally, they use their Tailored Carbon Tips to achieve much of the same effect, but the carbon tips allow for more precise initiation into the turn, as those carbon stringers are pretty stiff and really make the ski engage when tipped in. If those two attributes weren't enough, the 3D Radius Sidecut should put it over the edge when it comes to a customized feel. What really makes the Secret stand out is its unique ability to ski many different turn shapes at any speed. This gives the ski wide appeal for a variety of advanced skiers who like to change their skiing as the terrain and conditions dictate. The Volkl Secret 96 Women's Skis are the only skis you will ever need to deliver quiver of one all-mountain versatility.

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