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Atomic 2023 Maven 86 Women's Ski

$279.97 $480

Approved by the Atomic #sheskis ambassador team, the new all-mountain women’s Atomic Maven 86 delivers exact and relaxed skiing in any snow condition.

The versatile Flow Profile blends the perfect amount of camber, shovel taper and tip rocker for rock-solid stability and effortless performance in any snow
conditions.  OMatic Construction uses only essential materials like poplar wood core and lightweight triaxial fiberglass layers for the ultimate balance of
stiffness and flex.  The result is a lightweight and responsive ski that eases into any turn.
With a Dura Cap sidewall and topsheet graphics to match any adventure, the Atomic Maven 86 delivers newfound potential to ski the entire mountain.
- OMatic Core: With a versatile all-mountain mindset, OMatic Construction creates a core that produces the ultimate balance of stiffness and flex throughout
  the length of the ski.  Constructed with only essential materials; precision milled poplar wood, lightweight fiberglass and titanium or carbon layers, OMatic
  delivers effortless performance, balance and stability from tip to tail.
- Dura Cap Sidewall: Sidewall from base to top sheet, for controlled power transmission and great edge grip.  The rounded shape of the Dura Cap is a fantastic
  durability feature as it picks up fewer dents and dings.
- Flow Profile: Atomic’s new Flow Profile blends the perfect amount of rocker and camber for optimal effective edge contact during every turn.  Utilizing the
  latest generation HRZN Tech Tip, Flow Profile delivers the ideal combination of camber, shovel taper, and tip rocker to create a ski that hooks up on
  hardpack as well as floats in fresh snow.

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