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Liberty 2022 Origin 96 Flat Ski

$499.99 $780
The award-winning Origin96 excels at providing confident edging in varied conditions while still retaining a playful personality
on hard pack and looser snow alike.  With a refined early-rise tip profile and VMT1.0® added to our proven bamboo,
poplar, and carbon fiber core, the Origin96is a one-ski quiver from east to west.
VMT 1.0 CORE: ENERGETIC & LIGHT: VMT 1.0 combines the natural liveliness of our signature bamboo and poplar wood
core with the inherent power and stability of aluminum alloy.  By laminating the metal vertically between full length bamboo
stringers, we increase the effect of the metal without adding extra material or weight.  This combination of energy return
from the bamboo and power from the vertical metal is further enhanced by strategic placement of precured carbon fiber
strips along the top of the core where they help maintain directional stability and torsional rigidity.

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