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Protection & Love Resin Incense Pack by Tiny Rituals


Cast your love spell, open your heart, and welcome the healing energy of pure love into your heart with these three specially selected resin incense blends. Since ancient times, the natural gifts of Mother Nature have been used to cleanse, protect, and create powerful feelings. Today that feeling we are celebrating is the art of love. Burning incense can chase out negative energy from a space and can put you in a place to welcome abundance, opportunity, and all the love the world has to give.

“With this incense for love, I clear a space, put down my baggage, and open my arms to abundance”


Call it a magic spell, a moment of meditative practice, or a chance to reconnect to your own sweet sense, but lighting up this incense for love is an act of celebrating your splendor and worth. Whether seeking true love, self-love, or simply a deeper connection with all that surrounds us, these scents can guide you out of the darkness and into a place of light. 

Sweet Frankincense Resin is laced with qualities of protection, spirituality, and sheer love. This resin is rich with powerful positive energies and can surround you in a protective aura so that no negative energies can creep through. It is also known for raising spiritual awareness, enhancing knowledge, and blessing a space so you are ready to sit in peace and meditation

Mayan Copal Resin is linked with the crown chakra. This ancient smoky resin comes from the Copal tree and was highly revered by the Mayans. It is known for cleansing a space, soothing anxiety, and uplifting levels of joy so that your head is up and your mind is more aware of what opportunities are flowing towards you. 

Dragon's Blood Resin is as old as time and was always a favorite ingredient to use in neopagan witchcraft when it came to casting love spells. It was a powerful aura and a spark of sensuality. It can banish bad energy, negative associations, and can make a space (inside and out) feel new and whole again and ready for the excitement of possibility. 


  • Sweet Frankincense Resin Incense
  • Mystical Dragon's Blood Resin Incense
  • Mayan Copal Resin Incense
  • 3 Gold Tone Steel gift tins in organza bag
  • .75 oz each tin &  includes instruction card

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